Survey shows 64 percent increase in supportive state policies

Today we’re announcing the release of the State Farm to School Legislative Survey: 2002-2014, which offers a comprehensive review of state-level farm to school policies, analysis of national trends, and advocacy guidance for those working to advance the farm to school movement across the country. The survey was prepared by researchers at Vermont Law School’s Center for Agriculture and Food Systems.

The report offers good news for the state of farm to school: Twenty-two states passed 41 farm to school-supportive bills and resolutions in 2014, a 64 percent increase over 2013. State-level farm to school policy work is driving a broader expansion of farm to school across the country by establishing farm to school coordinators at state departments of agriculture and education; providing funding; and establishing databases, working groups and other crucial infrastructure. Simply put, strong laws are facilitating strong programs.

The State Farm to School Legislative Survey is designed to offer farm to school advocates a roadmap, allowing them to learn from the success of other states and copy their efforts. Download the full document on our website or check out this map to see how your state compares.