It starts with the young

Thought you might like this story:

Yesterday afternoon I was at my daughters ball game.  A little girl about 4 or 5 was sitting behind me – She told her mom she was hungry.  Her mom asked her if she wanted popcorn – the little girl said no – I want lettuce – the stuff Jackie has (I think she said Jackie but I am not sure ).  She told her mom – that is the good stuff – its not just green – it has some purple in it too!!

After a while –  another gal came and sat by this little girl –  The mom told her that her daughter wanted lettuce, the kind daycare serves.  She said she was going to have to ask  where she gets her lettuce and how did she get her daughter to eat it.  The other gal told her that the daycare buys it in the summer from FARMERS MARKET!!! and now buys organic at the grocery store.  Daycare  takes the kids to farmers market in the summer as a field trip to buy supplies for meals.  The kids help pick out the vegetable – that way they eat them better.  I later found out the little girl has been only going to this daycare for a few weeks.  IT sounded like a small family type daycare.

I thought since you work in local foods – you would get a chuckle out of it.  My favorite is that lettuce is just not green – there is some purple too.

It starts with the young.


Karri Stroh
Executive Director